Students Helping Students

McGill offers a wide variety of volunteering opportunities that make a difference on campus, build your skills and enhance your own experience to stay successful in both your academic and social lives at McGill. Visit the Students Helping Students website for a list of programs that rely on generous donations of time and energy from many student volunteers. For additional volunteer opportunities, click here.

Brown Student Services Building

3600 McTavish Street, 3rd Floor, Suite 3100

Montreal, Quebec, H3A 0G3

T: 514-398-6913

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Social Equity and Diversity Education (SEDE) Office Opportunities

A variety of volunteering projects including workshop development, community outreach, tutoring clinic development, public education, fundraising, food-drive coordination, oral storytelling, and more are available. Visit this website or the SEDE office if you'd like to learn about volunteer options.

3610 McTavish Street

Suites 11 & 12

Montreal, Quebec, H3A 1Y2

T: 514-398-2039

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W: McGill Community Engagement and Volunteering



Staff-Student Mentoring Program

Graduate students can mentor undergraduate students through informal out-of-classroom conversations with the ultimate goal of enriching the University experience for all. A mentoring relationship can help close gaps, foster connections and build networks, as participants discover new opportunities and share knowledge and exchange insights about a wide variety of topics and interests. Visit their website to apply to be a mentor if you're a graduate student.

W: McGill Staff-Student Mentoring Program



SSMU Mental Health

Check out the SSMU Facebook page of the SSMU Mental Health Committee. Like for campus mental health resources & events, wellness tips, feedback opportunities & more!